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Name: DidiDeep
Birthday: Mar 31
Location: Ouroboros Society
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 12 Dec 2018
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Personal Bio

*Hey! I'm Didi Deep. This is my backup account. If you mailed me and I don't reply, then you should mail my main account, idarkvampire. You can find the account on my Friends List.*

When you mail me follow these steps:

  • Do not send mail without a subject.
  • Do not argue with me. I would love a healthy debate, but an argument that goes on for days is not worth my time.
  • Do not worry about being formal or proper. I'm a human too!

Black Twilight

I have sent an application to lead the coven, Black Twilight. If you find yourself with any questions or concerns regarding this coven, please do not hesitate to shoot me some mail! I may not reply on this account. This is my backup account. If I do not reply in a few days, please mail idarkvampire.

In this coven, we are a large family of masters, beginners, and intermediates. We all learn from each other. We will have some fun activities to help learn new spells and materials in the future! If you feel like joining or if you are interested, please do visit our coven page for further information.

About me and the Ouroboros Society

I am in the Ouroboros Society. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been having visions of another life. The life of Pearle Horgan. She was killed in a mysterious fire along with her lover, Ramon Connell. My family believed that I was being taken over my demons. When I turned 18, I left for New York and the Ouroboros Society helped me find Ramon in this life. You may not believe me and that is all up to you. However, I want you to know that reincarnation is a real thing. There are others in the world, who, like me, have strange visions, abilities, or histories. If you have any questions, please message me.

More about me

I am a young and wild spirit. I'm an Aries. I love everything that's horror related, movies, books, and etc. I'm also into gaming, games like the FNAF series, Until The Dawn, Friday The 13th: The Game, etc. Besides being a horror fan and a total gamer, I enjoy photography and drawing. I can be quite a weird doodler. I'm usually outgoing and interested. I will chat with anyone about basically anything!

My studies

I work with these deities:

  • Goddess Kali
  • Goddess Lilith
  • Lord Lucifer

I practice:

  • Satanology ( Study of Satan )
  • Paranormal ( Interacting with spirits and helping them )
  • Demonolatry ( Working with demons and also studying them )
  • Sigil Magick ( Making and activating sigils )
  • Curses/Hexes ( Both casting and breaking )
  • Candle Magick ( They are essential in several spells)
  • Dreams ( Study and decoding them )


When hate takes over, turn around and be the defender.

- Shraddha Deepak