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Name: demonzlair
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Living proof the quest for knowledge, truth, understanding, power, wealth, and magick never ends. 50 years old and my burning desire for obtaining all of these is stronger now than it's ever been. I am interested in learning every and all forms of magick, the paranormal and the occult, but my main interest and passion is the left-hand path and/or the black arts. Demonology, chaos magick, contracts/deals, curses/hexes, Satanism, invocation and evocation are my main interests right now. I've tried and dabbled in just about everything and lose my focus before actually mastering any of them before being drawn into something else (Shiny objects distract me for hours!). I turned to small & simple tricks to help get me past my complete lack of focus and concentration such as vision boards, sigil magick, and creation boxes because they don't require long-term concentration. I've always had pretty good success in most things I've tried but the main things I was interested in and had a passion for are things I was afraid to admit I even thought about, let alone have a strong urge to study. 3 months ago (August 8 2018) I had something so bizarre, confusing, freaky and terrifying happen to me, there's no way I'm going to put it off anymore. I actually DIED twice! I left my office, stopped at a red light, went into cardiac arrest and died. Sat at a red light with my foot on the brake and died. sitting there. with my foot on the brake. How is that even possible? Anyway, if you don't believe in miracles check this out... Right behind me, in traffic, while I was sitting at a red light dead, was a nurse. Behind her... 2 paramedics! so they pried my door open, dragged me out of the car and gave me CPR until the ambulance came. Later on, while I was in the hospital I had a heart attack and died again. They used the paddles to shock my heart and bring me back to life a second time. The paramedics that gave me CPR in traffic came to visit me a few days later in the hospital because they didn't believe I was still alive and had to see it for themselves. Ok, that was a crap ton of rambling. Point is, I want to study what I'm truly interested in and passionate about and could care less what everyone else thinks about it. There has to be a reason I was brought back and I want to find out what it is. I also want to get the most out of every single minute I have left. If I could make a deal with a demon or even Satan himself to teach a bunch of stupid people how to sell their souls in exchange for giving me a giant pile of cash and a handful or two of extra years to spend it, Woohoo! Beam me up Scottie!
The thing that drives me up the wall the most:
Stupid people who think they're smart. Ughh... most annoying thing ever!