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Hello and blessings to you.

I’m Phantasos I’ve been studying and practicing my eclectic craft for four years now. During the early days of my craft I became interested in Oneiromancy which is divination through the medium of dreams. Shortly after I discovered the Greek god Phantasos who became my patron god. I also honour and worship his father Hypnos who is the god of sleep, his mother Pasithea Goddess of relaxation and his two brothers and fellow Oneiroi Morpheus and Phobetor.

I practice Lucid Dreaming which technically is more of a mental exercise rather than a magical or spiritual one but as my main passion and focus is dream interpretation lucid dreaming is a very useful tool.

When It comes to interpreting dreams I’ll be glad to help you when I can but asking someone else to define the meanings in your dream isn’t the best way to go about it. The symbology we see in our dreams has unique meaning to us personally. One symbol will have more meanings and interpretations than there are stars in the night sky. So my advice is avoid those generic dream interpretation books and sites and meditate on your dreams and define them yourself.