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Name: Cavern
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Artist Poet

Follower of a Greek Gods

I do readings on occasions if you dare tempt fate. Ask away and see if the winds of fate agree upon us crossing threads as I bare the knowledge of the divine.

Aidoneus - Assist with fear, chronic illness, creativity, finances, moving on/forward, releasing negative energy ( Regret, guilt, past relationships, recovering trauma, heavily influenced by earth,spirit practices, and much more.

Hestia -Household chores, altar care, self care, self improvement, fika, lagom, Kitchen witchery, cleanses, homes, and much more.

Hera - Assist with Problems with Relationships, Domestic Violence Assistance, Womanhood, Marriage, Families including broken ones, Childbirth, and so much more.

Urania - Astronomy, Astrology, Planetary magic, and more.

I am apart of the faction of Northern Winds and the current leader of said faction: I favor with working with the Gods, Astrology/Planetary Magic and Kitchen Witchery.

Planetary Magic: Astrology, Moon Cycles, Zodiacs and far more.

Working with the Gods: Greek, Egyptian, Buddhist, Shintoism, Norse, Aztec and a few odds and ends.

Kitchen Witchery: Herbal practices, Potions, Teas, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Foods for Festivals and Holy days.

'I have seen it all from the stars.'