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Name: MistCheery
Birthday: Nov 7 2000
Location: Venezuela
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 17 May 2021
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I'm an introverted and Spanish speaker person(with some knowledge in the English idiom)person that just started in the world of esoterism. Im Venezuelan. My jungian archetypes (based on MBTI personality test)tends toward the INTP and INFP personalities. I consider myself as a mature person despite my age, however, i know that there is more things that i have to learn and i need to learn to the goal of become a better person (the best version of myself) everyday.

-Astrology: I know some things about the astrology, such as the nature of the planets and asteroids, the houses, the zodiac signs, and how the aspects works. However, i have to keep learning about the subject, i don't know about the domain of the planets, the solar and lunar revolution, etc.

-Tarot: Recently i had the opportunity to craft my deck, i know (theoretically) how the mayor and minor arcana works, however im not an expert on readings. Im offering free readings for the moment with the purpose of practice, send me a message if you want to try a reading

I want to learn:
I have interest in keep learning the previous subjects that i mentioned. I have some curiosity about the spells, but i prefer white magic because i want to respect the free will of the persons(i have interest at the black magic, but i don't feel capable of bearing the karma so i prefer only read it than practicing). I wish to be able to see the akashic records to recover my knowledge on previous lifes, so i will try to meditate and practice to keep my energy (prana) flowing with the purpose of cleaning myself and be able to catch and control energy more easily

Im learning:
I am learning by this bloghttp://esoterismo-guia.blogspot.com/p/indice-tematico-abc.html
I am centering at meditation and cleanse my energy channels
I like the anime, webcomics, the music, videogames and see cartoons. I like the esoterism and the supernatural, the deep themes (even i dont have the enough knowledge). I prefer to know people that have my same likes, however, i know that there is persons that are interesting even if we don't have the same likes. Feel free to send me a message!

I don't feel so comfortable at the parties, maybe its because i don't find one where i feel good; especially when they themed the sex(i have respect in that subject), the drugs, the alcohol(im not consider myself as an alcoholic since sometimes idrink some liquor, however, im not obsessed withthat). I know that the people are notperfect, but there is some conducts that i don't like it. Such at the bullies, the immature people that only is interested in bother others persons, the cruelty.

Disposition at the web page:
I tend to be a loner wolf, so don't think that is strange if i don't talk so often at groupchat(unless i feel comfortable talking about a specific subject). I like the roleplay, but i know that this is a page that is centered at the esoterism theme, so i respect that fact. Im not interested in having a relationship. Again, if you want to talk a little with me (even you want to ask me something) feel free to send me a message