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Name: titanmidgett
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My name is Titan Buddy Midgett, no my names not made up for those of you who like to judge, I'm just a guy born with the ability to do anything I put my mind to and focus on it doesn't really matter what it is but my philosophy is if you can do it in your dreams you can do it out here all you have to do is practice I can give you a few tips on how to do these sort of things but if your just gonna be an ass about it then don't talk to me but if you want help in anything just ask I may not be on all the time and it's kinda rare for me to come on here but if I see your message I'll give you the advice you need but if it's just something childish like becoming jesus like one kid asked me then don't ask for my help I'm not a miracle working I can just show you how to accomplish semi supernatural feats and no I don't mean creating fireballs I mean small things that you can do call it a parlor trick if you want but if you want to learn I can show you how to do what you want I don't guarantee anything so don't go thinking I can do everything if it works for you your welcome if not don't cry that's it have a good one.