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Name: titanmidgett
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Location: Deming NM
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Ann read the bottom

Hello my Name is Titan b. Midgett and I'm a natural born healer, Im kinda shy,I mostly spend my time practicing but I don't really have many friends because most of them are game junkies so I don't talk to them anymore but I try to talk to people and it works out sometimes then we just walk away but I've been advancing or at least trying and I can do some weird things sometimes like slow time down before someone gets hurt or I'm in a fight and for some reason if forget where I am I become invisible to peoples eyes until I realize they cant see me. I am a multitaskedyoung man and love animals and nature and in some cases make plants grow in a week there full size, anyway that's me and if anybody has anything they want to talk about and ill see if I can get the message. I'm wondering if anybody does astral projection and protection magic I've tried similar things that i learned from experience like astral site but that's just a flicker so if anybody knows about astral projection and is willing to give me some tips contact me it would be much appreciated. I've got most of the spells on aura manipulation and i can finally manipulate mine and others to heal or get more adrenalineand i can manifest a falcon when i try my hardest. I have a succubus that heals me when my body is in pain or if i have emotional pain and im trying redeem the succubus and turn it from demon to angel and im making progress.And ive only been reincarnated once.

My skills:



Manipulation of Energies

Feeling of Energy


Astral Site

Time manipulation (Cant change past or turn back time)

Demon Redeemer

Spirit Healer

Split Second seen of the Future

Twin Charger

Second conscience







Next:: Ann you blocked me I came back online on the 20th of June so I can't send messages to you right now if you get this message text me again after you unblock me anyway love ya