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Name: LustAfterSin
Birthday: Feb 23 1999
Location: Inside your Head and Under your Bed
Gender: Male
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Greetings to all the lost souls who found my profile I study Demonology and work with Black, Love. Lust, Sexual, Growth, Sigil, and Summoning Magic I have a big thing for Incubi and Succubi and Demons in general and hope to summon a succubus one day I do of course worship Lilith and am on the Left hand path I am pretty much just a occultist I love to talk about demons and dark things so feel free to message me if you dare! In till next time little soul I will be waiting her for you. ;) "Always be a Lilith Never a Eve"

.Things to Keep in Mind.

  1. There is only one Evil and that is the Evil of Man
  2. Always See the light in the Dark
  3. Not All Demons are bad
  4. Follow your instincts
  5. I will not do spells for you but you can ask about them
  6. Hail Satan
  7. Lilith was the first woman not Eve
  8. Need to talk I am here to listen
  9. I can be a little flirty at times
  10. I love to make you blush
  11. I Have Extreme Anxiety and Server Crippling Depression
  12. BDSM Life Style
  13. I have a slight obsession with boobies
  14. I am a Anime Fan
  • Book Recommendations
  1. Book of Lilith
  2. Demoniality Incubi and Succubi: A Book of Demonology
  3. As Above, So Below: The Satanic Writings of a Modern-day Heretic