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Name: DeamosThanos
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"Humour is reason gone mad"

Name: Redacted, for purposes of privacy (Also incase my boss/future bosses search my name)

Subliminal Affirmations: I am someone who makes subliminal videos; audio, usually music, with silent sentences being said that the conscious isn't supposed to pick up, usually used as self help to change something about the individual. . I also fully believe in things such as shapeshifting and immortality. I am one of the sub makers who believe that subs made to, can indeed give you superpowers. I firmly believe this and have my reasons, so don't try to tell me my belief is wrong. It's a subjective reality. I am also a young Chaote for Chaos Magick.

Personality : I've given up the Jester role and will attempt to personify two things. My name, and free will.

Religion: Is a set of beliefs with a higher power(s) to the common understanding. I have one by that definition, but no actual religion. I believe that while there is a higher power, we are only giving it power by believing in it. If we stop believing in figures, and realize that the power comes from us, we might just find out how much power we all have within. To me, a deity is something we channel our energy through for a specific purpose, because it's easier to channel through symbolism. Our brain links things together, like how when I say rose you will probably think of the colour red before you think of the actual rose, as Pavlov Conditioning shows. I believed this before I picked up Chaos Magick, but now that I practice it my view has only been reinforced.

Morals: I don't believe we should live by them. Morals are made up by us, and they limit what we can do. Instead we should think logically under consequentalism, ethical egoism, and doing what we want. Nothing is wrong or right until we believe it is either right or wrong, so we should think about the future of our actions instead. How will it benefit me? How will it benefit others? How can it harm me? How can it harm others? those are the questions we should be asking when making a decision, and not let our opinions sway due to the question "is it wrong or right?".

TL;DR Bad and Good doesn't exist in the moral term until we think it exists in the moral term, it only exists in positive and negative consequences.

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Moon at birth: Crescent Moon

Practices: I am practicing in Somafera, though am only a beginner. I am beginning to practice chaos magick, assuming I have the definition right. I am also a natural born energy vampire.

Old Namesake: As per my username, Deamos, I am like a Daemon in that I am a helpful guide. However, as Thanatos (Shortened to Thanos) suggests, I can also guide one to a roadblock, sometimes my own and sometimes others. It's usually on accident, though sometimes it's intentional. Thanatos refers to a post-Freudian psychoanalytic term, Daemon refers to the Greek term daimn.

New Namesake: If it weren't for how the site is set up, in which I cant find any setting for changing username, I would change my username. From now on I am the Unchained Raubtier, living up to my name as a Hunter. I am currently attempting to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally so as to improve myself as a hunter.