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Name: Arin17
Birthday: Aug 30 2001
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 13 Mar 2019
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I prefer to go by Arin. I have the ability of community with ghosts and demons, so I can communicate, feel, and hear them. So yea.

People Important to Me and those who made an impact on my life:

Enigmawolf-the best big brother I ever met! Im honestly appreciative of what you have helped me through and Im there for you and storm.

Stormingwolf-Im so glad I met you! You make so happy and feel like my old self and I really appreciate that.

Necroguy25-i enjoyed our talks we should do it a lot more.

Revenant2nd-Thankyou so much for being a great friend and companion and for making me happy and laugh. I really appreciate it love ya!

Accounts: Arin17 Demon17