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Hey there! My (magical) name is Cisana. I am sort of new to magic, so feel free to email me any tips or tricks you?ve learned in your studies. I mostly practice elemental magic, and I?m trying to find and/or create a spell to help me recover from my mental illnesses and my ED (depression, social anxiety, and anorexia). I?m also abrosexual, and I can answer your questions about LGBT+ things. I can also answer questions about gender, because I am genderfluix. I do not mean genderfluid. Don?t hesitate to send me a message about anything! Now for some magical facts. Spirit animal: Snowy owl named Zara, looks like one in picture Powers: Fire control, air control, seeing spirits, seeing auras, seeing the future Path: Eclectic witch Religion: Eclectic/forming my own Chakra test results: Root chakra: under active, -44%; Sacral chakra: under active, -38%; Navel chakra: under active, -31%; Heart chakra: open, 6%; Throat chakra: open, 31%; Third eye chakra: open, 12%; Crown chakra: under active, 0%