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Name: JacxSinclair
Birthday: Oct 28 1988
Location: Columbus, MS
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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the site. So let me explain why I am here. All my life I've been a Christian, and all my life I've followed the Christian beliefs. Yet I always felt more in tune with the universe than my peers. I often read minds by accident or dreamt of a future that ends up coming true, leaving me with a constant case of dejavu. In my teens, I moved in with my grandmother on a farm that was once run by slave owners. When I brought my first colored girlfriend to the place we saw something that's rather difficult to explain. When I told my grandmother (Who by the way is a full-blooded Romnichal gypsy) she told me that the place was haunted and that the spirits usually acted up when gifted people came about. That, plus the fact that I was a partially white man kissing on a black woman might have made the spirit feel then need to make sure she was okay. Long story short, my beliefs and my experiences were not in sync. So I began a spiritual journey. Along the way, my religious beliefs have adapted. I am still Christian, yet polytheistic. I believe in heaven and hell yet have theorized the possibility of reincarnation. I have found the ability to manipulate the energies around me and understood that it had nothing to do with religion but everything to do basic physics. I discovered this site recently as I have begun to explore the potential of spell weaving within the parameters of my faith. It is my hope that I can share my journey with some of you. Perhaps we can provide knowledge and growth to one another.