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Name: Ciri
Birthday: Dec 22
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Gender: Female
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Hello everyone! My name is Ciri.

I am here to learn and help .

Never hesitate to ask me anything!

Message me if you have any questions over anything I've said/posted/etc or if you'd like to discuss anything!

I love a friendly conversation!


I'm taking the hint from other's profiles and adding this warning below.


  • If you're asking for spell/ritual/magic help, know that I will try to help you to the best of my ability but know that your ownspells will be much more effective for you.
    • I will gladly help you or show you how to get started into magic. I used to say no, but I feel so bad sending people away without some help. Send me a message and we can see what the best thing to do is, but know that I don't just cast spells. I'll help you figure things out but I won't just feed you answers you want to hear. Magic is a skill. There is no simple, "say these words and you'll be a real witch!"
  • PLEASE DO NOT FLIRT with me. I'm taken. And yes, my partner loves me, supports my practice, and respects me. When I say I'm taken, I mean forever or until otherwise stated. (But since this is not a dating app, ASSUME I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A PARTNER!)
    • I can help you if you're confused about something or if you would like to know my opinions on fluff. I am also down to discuss how fluff relates to society or how mythical creatures represent society's evolving fears. I'm not against discussing real-world vampire. I will not, however, help you attempt the impossible or fuel your thoughts that you can. I also WILL NOT RP with you.
  • Know that I am A STUDENT.
    • In witchcraft we are always learning, no matter our age or our path, but in my case, I AM VERY MUCH MORE A STUDENT THAN ANYTHING ELSE. Please don't message me thinking I know everything.
    • I am always down with helping anyone out, but I want everyone to know that I am NOT IN ANYWAY a professional, an expert, or anything more than a student. This means I make mistakes so make sure you CORRECT ME if I'm wrong! That's the only way I will learn and be able to correct myself.



  1. I've been practicing for 12 years under my grandmother's guidance.
  2. I'm always willing to chat and offer any help I can! Similarly,I'm always down to discuss, debate, and share as long as it's friendly!
  3. I am an avid practitioner of divination, herbalism, and kitchen work
  4. Those magical potions you see in the movies are pretty much just all sparkles and flare. In my opinion, the really impressive work is when you can make happiness in syrup or luck in a pastry. (ANY KITCHEN WITCHES please feel free to send me a message! I would be more than glad to swap recipes!)
  5. I'm down to learn ANYTHING. Seriously. A conversation with me will show that even if I don't like a form of magic or a method of practice, I'm still very curious about it!

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NON MAGIC RELATED INFO ABOUT ME:

  1. I love birds. I'm looking to get one and currently can't decide between a Budgie or a Pacific Parrotlet (don't worry! I've worked with birds before and I'm certified to work with animals! I'm not just buying a bird for decoration! This bird will be a member of the family!)
  2. I'm often found in trees reading a book. My favorite books are the Witcher series (ie my online name, which is actually very similar to my real name).
  3. I draw, animate, and create YouTube videos in my free time., so I'm often busy!

Information for any Native Americans/people who are against me following traditions and practices that are not hereditarily my own: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I only recently realized that I'm not actually biologically connected to my practice. I was always under the impression that I was Native American and that my form of practice was my peoples and my heritage. Now that I have learned the truth, I'm honestly unsure of where to go with my practice and methods. My lovely grandmother told me that she realized that I had more interest than her biological grandchildren, and decided to teach me regardless of the fact that it wasn't my culture. But I guess now some part of it is. I never realized just how much the others didn't like me till recently. Most were kind, but I have unknowingly offended so many of them. To me, accepting this is incredibly hard. I'm sorry I practice something that a group of people hold dear and sacred, and that I am doing something that maybe to some people this is considered disrespectful. But I can't just walk away from something that is very much a part of me as my own blood. I don't have a fall back right now, in fact it would probably be disrespectful if I did. I'm not trying to culturally appropriate my family's traditions. I'm trying to accept myself as a biologically different member of my family. Things are messed up as it is being just not biological, I can't just up turn my lifestyle as well. Final note: I view the mixing of cultures to be a good thing, and a step to cultural acceptance. Of course, being disresectful is one thing, and I'm struggling on my own here to figure where I lie in things, but if you're a mixed practioner or you use traditions from other cultures in your practice, as far as I'm concerned you're doing something that's good for everyone. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________