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Name: Kalist
Birthday: Jul 30
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Gender: Male
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Please read before considering mailing me.

The name's Kalist. I'm here for research purposes mostly, along with maybe strike a friendship or two. I'm usually a reserved and kind soul but don't let that mistake you, for a soul is neither completely good nor completely bad. I discuss most topics, magick or mundane, except for those who might strike conflict.

My mail box is always open, so you're free to strike some conversation with me as long as you follow the following:

  • Place a subject on your mail
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Do not throw your personal problems at me
  • Actually have a topic instead of mailing me for no reason

A little bit of magick ~

I'm a pagan who has been studying magick for some years now, along with divination. My path is what I decide it to be, therefor it's prone to addition of newer things. I am mostly focused on divination and the both sides of the coin, meaning both baneful and beneficial magick work. A I both curse and hex as I heal and protect type of deal.

Not one to cast without a good reason or bother entities just because. Stop, think, judge, react is my go-to before casting or contacting someone, if the reason and the reaction isn't good enough.. I stay still.

Heart, soul and mind ~

I am a kind person that is always up for helping others in the best way I can, which is also a part of what I do work wise. I have a big heart and am very warm, however my darker side is the complete contrast of that. Therefor cold, uncaring and distant, that's one for the heart .

To be restlessly in a hopeless search for something that can not be found but only felt in the deepest pits of the world that we are in. Hunting down obstacles and doubts of the self, carrying itself gracefully in order to become fully evolved, is what the soul thrives for.

To understand others and even the very owner of the mind. To uncover darker aspects to reject them not but rather integrate them, know and learn from them. To observe and understand, understanding the reaction that one has when faced with a situation, why one runs, hopes, fears, loves and cries. That's one for the mind .

Quotes I enjoy ~

"I bid your voice be dumb until the day you find a word worth speaking." - Ursula K. Le Guin

"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato