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Name: Kalist
Birthday: Jul 30
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Gender: Male
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" You do not know me. You only know what I allow you to know. "

Welcome to my very own corner. I am always down for a conversation, so my mail box is open. Do keep in mind that I will probably not get back to you in a minute. However follow these tiny simple steps:

  • Do not flirt with me.
  • Do not send mail without a subject .
  • Do not ask for a tarot reading.
  • Do not use text speak , I am not a teacher to be trying to figure out what you're wanting say.


The Kalist

I love video games mainly LOL & Osu! I am your out of the ordinary old soul. I love to explore abandoned places and to travel the world as much as I love swimming. I hate to be caged, therefor I am always doing something, no matter how small. I love nature, so whenever I get the chance I am outside practicing archery in a forest.

I love terror related movies/series and I can never get enough of them, however I hate anime so please do not ask anything regarding that topic.


The Magical Kalist

I work with these deities:

  • Goddess Artemis
  • Goddess Lilith
  • Archangel Michael

I practice:

  • Angelology ( Study of angels )
  • Reiki ( First level )
  • Divination ( Tarot cards )
  • Cartomancy ( Normal cards )
  • Paranormal ( Interacting with spirits and helping them )
  • Demonolatry ( Working with demons and also studying them )
  • Sigil Magick ( Making and activating sigils )
  • Curses/Hexes ( Both casting and breaking )
  • Candle Magick ( I use a lot of candles in my magick )
  • Dreams ( Study and decoding them )