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Wand Update 7/6/18: I have competed stage 3/3 of creating my wand. It is now complete. I would like to add symbols to it in there near future... stay tuned! ======================================================================================= Wand Update 7/4/18: I completed stage 2/3 of creating my wand. I will try to complete the 3rd part of the creation process tomorrow, if time allows. ======================================================================================= Wand Update 7/3/18: I am in the process of creating my first wand. I will post pictures on here as soon as it is finished! ======================================================================================= I am looking to find like minded people on here and possibly create new friends. ======================================================================================= I am currently working on meditation and calming techniques. To master anything, I need to first master myself. I am open to suggestions on best practices for meditation. Feel free to message me! ==================================================================================================================================== If there is one thing I would love to "master" is the use of herbs and their counterparts. These things fascinate me.