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Name: PerryRickson
Location: Temporal Realm
Gender: Male
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I am a Solitary Traditional/Eclectic Satanist and Devil Worshipper.
I have been a disciple and worshipper of father Satan since October of 2016. I have been slowly progressing, but I am nowhere near where I feel I should be in personal growth and development. I have much to learn and much to do!
I am also interested in Chaos Magick, Egyptian Black Magick, and Luciferian Witchcraft. My Occult Library contains a wide assortment of literature and ancient history. I try to learn and extrapolate anything I can which I feel (or am led to by Demonic inspiration) will help me to grow and progress. I have found things which I have been able to apply to my own personal Satanic knowledge and experience...things taken from the least likely sources!
Besides my Primary Satanic Altar, my personal Infernal Temple also contains an Altar dedicated to the Dark Goddess Bast and an Altar dedicated to the Dark Goddess Hecate.
- I love all animals whether wild or domestic.
Support your local animal shelters; give donations of time, food, materials and money. Adopt and foster, please don't buy from breeders! Support your local wildlife animal rehabilitation specialist - they're around. They often work for a very small stipend and do a ton of things out-of-pocket.