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Name: JadenKav15
Location: England, Manchester
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I'm incredibly curious about the world, I'm quite interested in the secrets of the universe. I'm new, so I hope to gain as much as possible from this. Once my skills progress, I will start practicing 'White Magick'. 'Illusionary Magick' has also peaked my interests, so I revolve around healing and illusions. But until then, I am just practicing methods that are just for the beginning of magic. For example, Meditation and Visualization and Grounding. I will try my best at helping people in any possible. This is my beginning and my life, so therefore I will follow the path that I think is best. Also, feel free to message me, I'm friendly and I really enjoy having a conversation. By the Way, I have quite a few things 'Favourited' so have a look and see if there's anything of interest. Its mainly useful for beginners, but anyone can see. Enjoy yourselves and have a blessed day :D