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hey! my name is calliope, 16 year old druid who dabbles in Wicca! trying to learn more and share experiences with others concerning the craft! area I best do in: Protection charms and spells, making and casting. i have been casting my own spells and find they work just as good as any, i've learned alot theses past two years and excited to weave my druidry into wicca , i do not think it has been done but i am more than willing to try! any knowledge on magick would be amazing and helpful! i would love to share my own knowledge with anyone! pop me a message in the mailbox if you want to chat more! some areas i am looking to improve on are, nightmare spells, binding and summoning. i've done a spirit summoning one , could feel the pain of the spirit; i had the strangest dream the next night. a woman in white falling. the next day i did a peace spirit spell and the next night i had a dream where i grabbed ahold of the woman who was falling and pulled her up onto a cliff it hurt alot, emotionally and my body was really sore afterwards even though i had not done anything that would make it that sore