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-Some things about me-

Hey... I'm Izabella. I'm a very young Pisaries witch with a passion for crystals and nature. I'm a beginner, but I truly believe that I can grow into a great keeper of nature, spellcaster, and crystal owner someday.I practice elemental magic, and I'm writing my own Book of Shadows.

Oh, and I'm nocturnal.

I live in the forest, so I'm very connected to nature. I go outside at night frequently to study the moon and stars with my telescope. I express my emotional and hopeless romantic feelings through writing and drawing, my main artistic hobbies.


A witch ought never be frightened in a dark forest...
because she should be sure in her soul that the most

terrifying thing in the forest was her.

- Terry Pratchett


An Uplifting Story (Note: not mine)

"November 2012. I was a sophomore Bio major. I hadn't been to class in 3 weeks. I awoke and bonged close to a gram of bud. My phone buzzed and it was a text from my roommate asking when I was going out to get the boxed wine for a party that night, because he wanted me to grab a bunch of four lokos as well. I smoked up again, played 3-4 hours of Skyrim, then went out to get ciggs at the headshop.

The moment I walked out of the headshop, pulled out the first American Spirit from the pack and lit it, I realized how big I had been screwing myself academically. I still ended up getting the alcohol that night, but I spent the night away from the party and in an old roommate's apartment mulling over the fact that I was failing all my classes, and had failed all my classes that spring.

From December to about 2 weeks ago, I dropped out of school. Academic suspension forced me to reevaluate whatI did to myself. I ended up working at an ice cream place full-time, sobered up completely, started hitting the gym, and got my head in the right mindset.

I'm finally going back to school this semester, not university though. Community college is where I'm restarting my career path. I'm re-tooling and seriously looking forward to my new degree prospects (IT- Web development) and all the awesome things it has to offer in terms of job-field diversity."

- life_pass on Reddit

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