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Name: UreiDansa
Location: The Veil
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Just a Faery Witchcraft practitioner expanding her horizons, butchering and adapting things from other practices as need be. I'm not sure when I started practicing since as a kid I 'smelled' energy and used it to find my pals/family, but if we're going off of conscious practice it's been two or three years now. Minor things of note- I've got the Devil and the Lovers as my birth cards. Sings are rising Cancer, zodiac Aquarius and Capricorn moon. I don't really know what sexuality I am, I just am whatever I am in the moment, and the moment passes on. While I'm accepting, I'm not the warmest little sheep out there, so I'm not much of a shoulder to cry on. I'm more of the pal who'll lazily agree that life's a jerk some days. You know what? Imagine a big ol' squishy dragon on a hoard of pillows and blankets. There you go, that's me. Perfect. - Also, apparently according to [http://www.gotoquiz.com/how_much_magic_is_in_your_blood] , I have roughly 90% magick in my blood veins. Or is it 10% blood in my magick veins? -Currently toying idly with : Telekinesis [PsiWheel] -