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Name: UreiDansa
Location: The Veil
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Dec 2018
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Coven Title: Council

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Just a Faery Witchcraft practitioner expanding her horizons, butchering and adapting things from other practices as need be. I'm not sure when I started practicing since as a kid I 'smelled' energy and used it to find my pals/family, but if we're going off of conscious practice it's been two or three years now.

Minor things of note - I've got the Devil and the Lovers as my birth cards. Sings are rising Cancer, zodiac Aquarius and Capricorn moon. I don't really know what sexuality I am, I just am whatever I am in the moment, and the moment passes on. While I'm accepting, I'm not the warmest little sheep out there, so I'm not much of a shoulder to cry on. I'm more of the pal who'll lazily agree that life's a jerk some days.

You know what? Imagine a big ol' squishy dragon on a hoard of pillows and blankets. There you go, that's me. Perfect.

- Apparently according to [http://www.gotoquiz.com/how_much_magic_is_in_your_blood] , I have roughly 90% magick in my blood veins. Or is it 10% blood in my magick veins?
- Currently toying idly with : Telekinesis [PsiWheel] and [Toothpick/Thread]
- Practicing Hypnosis and pushing the borders between it and meditation both on self and on Omegle
- Growing own herbs/making own herbal oils/getting own research and things containing Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Pepper/Spearmint, Roses(multiple colors), Morning Glory, Mammoth Basil, and various other miscellaneous plants.
- Finally succeeded to complete enough notes that some were finally printed. And now I need more paper. The cycle continues-
- Beginning to work more intensely with the faery watcher Fire-in-the-Earth
- Has anyone else noticed that the faerywatcher Black Mother is very similar to "Shub-Niggurath" from Cthulhu Mythos? One being described as 'the black sheep of the woods with a thousand young', and the other literally taking the form of a black sheep, nursing a thousand young?

- Negligible note, be careful if you inhale a waft of rose oil vapour in the middle of heat infusion if you're like me. At least it's a fun way to pretend you're a pit viper, while your nose is burning and you're swoonin'.

- Weird trick of note, I'm capable of using some kinda Bio-Feedback-thing to get a map of my body/a body/a plant, and once or twice it's happened while using some tech. It's not easy to explain, but I sorta press the pads of my fingertips/fingers/palm on one or both hands to some part of my body/whatever needs a checkup, and my vision and senses go all wonky. When doing it on myself, or not focused on, say, not crashing into a pole, the environment around goes dark and I get a bright blue/yellow 'image' of the electrical signals running around, and other colors sort've fade in based on what I'm dealing with. And along with that electric-view, I sorta feel like whatever I'm touching to the source, uh, my skin, uh, wires into it? I start feeling how things are.

- I totally forgot to mention that trick for some reason.

[Running List of Names this Weirdo Goes by - Chao/Ciao, Urei]