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Name: bloodwolf92
Birthday: Jul 17 1992
Location: reedsville Ohio,45772
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i am still working on the basics and i will always try my best in my magic i get my magical powers from my mom and my dad both light and dark magic im 26 i want to work on all typs of magic not just light and dark i would me gratful to get into any covens i also play games on my PS4 and watch anime im going to start my own coven called Wolf Pack our collors will be red and black im the alpha male and any one can join as long as they protect the others in the pack we will study all forms of magic we will be a family just like wolves so i hope i can get some more pack members and anyone who will bully another pack member will be kicked from the pack and you can talk about anime and games to im walking the path of darkness all alone pain and suffering is all that i have and know i have no more light in me