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Hello and welcome to my page! Let me introduce myself.My name is Cat and I will be turning 50 this year, and what a journey it's been thus far. I grew up a (not so) good catholic girl.Even though I grew up going to church every, sunday sometimes more, I still had lots of questions. As you can imagine I was quickly labeled as a trouble maker.Was not my fault they didn't have the answers or didn't want to answer them. My family was not much more help too me(at that time anyways). So I started searching on my own for answers. In the early and mid 80's there were not the resources that we are so blessed to have today. So there was a lot of foot work I had to do by myself and secretly to avoid my parents and other family members scrutiny.By the time I was in my mid 20's I had seeked answers in many different churches and studying nontraditional midwestern religions in books from my local library. Just as I began to think I would never find whatever it was that I was seeking, by than it started to become unclear, I met a women I worked with and we became fast friends. A crucial part of my story that I should tell you about is that at a very young age, so young I don't ever remember a time it wasn't a part of me , I saw people and other things that no one else seemed to see. I heard people talking and sounds that it seemed only I could hear. And I knew things that I didn't understand and confused me until they would happen. I had a great grandmother who knew my secrets though. She'd talk to me about them when no one else was around or could no hear us. She would tell me they were gifts from her people ( she was full blooded Cherokee Indian) . She also said I could always talk to her because she was also born with gifts. But not to tell anyone else because they may not understand and she didn't want me locked away like she had been once. Well that scared me enough that I did keep our secret, even long after her passing. But anyways this woman I worked with, we'd talk for hours about everything(well almost). After being the best of friends for about a year, she told me that she had some friends she wanted me to meet and that they might be able to help me with the questions I had. That night change my whole life. They happen to be a Wiccan Coven and brought me into their family.I am only through about 25 of my 50 years on this Wonderful place called earth. So if you want to know more , like how I eventually changed my path and made my Pantheon Egyptian ,or anything really.I am an open book and kept my secrets way to long so I love telling my story. Another twist is that today, my 83 year old mother is on a paranormal team. So yes,we seemed to all be keeping secrets from each other. As my children got older I promised myself and my great grandmother that I would never allow secrets in my home. So I raised my children with open minds and my oldest son has joined us in the way of the craft.