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He felt nothing else but anger in his body. He could hardly think and he didn't understand where or how, but his blame was on the person who was the leader. After all clearly it was him, clearly the man could have stop this from happening could have seen it and none of this would have happened because the man did what he did as a leader and did his duty. Instead the man didn't. The man spent more time in front of his desk twiddling his fingers and thinking of nice things to say.

Where words went to deaf ears the man hid while his country went into fear. After all, why should he have to do as he was told if the leader didn't listen to those around him with the advice. There is a part of him though a apart of him in the back of his mind, saying that he needed to take his responsibility. That he needed to see being leader isn't all that great. He needed to see that the leader didn't know even if he would have been listening he couldn't stop something that was out of control. He does not listen to that part of him because it makes him think and questions, makes him understand that it's nobody fault. Makes him understand that fighting is not the answer, but fighting is all he knows.

Talking was never his strong point. His mind tries to tell him if he removed the leader someone else could come into power. Someone much worst, but he does not listen. He only listens to anger.

"I'll make you pay for what you did. I'll bring the pain you brought to us."

The leader says nothing just stands there with sad sorry eyes that he does not see. He moves his gun towards the leader head and just with his fingers he pulled the trigger and the leader is dead. It does not get better in fact it gets worst and maybe just maybe the leader was only doing what he thought was right. - by Dragonearth

About me: I mainly work with spirit and study different religions, spirit and crystals. If you need help with any paranormal problem you are free to message me. Just don't spam me I will get you when I get to you.