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Name: Dragonearth
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YouTube: I have a channel of tarot messages on my YouTube account in the link above. Some are from the animal kingdom and others are just collective messages.

Wattpad: I write original poems and fantasy stories free to read them if you have the account.

Greetings. I'm a psychic medium new to my path and learning everyday about my practice. I work with many spirits, but my main guide is Bridget in her Wise One form. I study many topics, but my key interested has always been and still is past lives. My craft is more of a hobby than a professional.

I'm currently writing a fantasy novel in the hopes of making a stable career in my writing. Please also note, that I no longer do free oracle readings anymore thank you to those that have asked in the past. I'm opened for a chat, but in order to do so know what you want to speak to me about for I will not waste my time on chit chat.