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Name: Dragonearth
Location: Talking to the animals and the trees
Gender: Female
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Learn to fight for yourself, before standing up for another. - Me

Let your body dance, have some joy, have some fun set yourself freefrom that old mindset. Don't get to serious. -Me

The sea of darkness sings you a song, to lure it into her depths. While you must acknowledge that the darkness is around you, this does not mean you need to swim it's seas. Before you know it, you will go down, down and down all the way to the bottom. Becoming a shadow of your former self, only to be spat back out. - me

Disclaimer: I am not a role player. Don't come to me asking how to turn you into any magical creatures, or wielding the elements and what not. As every person on this site who has experience in their craft will tell you, again and again. There's a different between real magic and Hollywood magic. All role players will be blocked from my account. I may speak about angles, Kitsune and dragons, but this is because I work with their energy.

Path of self discover, empath, and expanding my medium skills. I've found this site three or maybe four years ago, and ditched it. Ever since then I've been researching about different paths, traditional, tools and skills. I've acknowledged the fact that I will always be a student as there is always something new to learn.

Oracle cards, and crystals are the keys that were the doorway handled to me and I'm still researching topics and history. When I'm not here, I'm off in nature and writing, I'm not here for small talk, but if you already have a topic in mind. Then free to shot me a message, know that I can be blunt and honest. There's written work in my photo section that you are free to read, they were channel message from my guides and Angels.

Topics I study

  • Mythology, Norse, Celtic, Japanese

  • Protection/ cleansing/ banishing

  • History

  • Ancestors

  • Crystals

  • Oracle/ Tarot

  • Charkas

  • Spirt work

  • Past lives

  • Basic (always nice to have a refresher)

Before messaging me, for the love of the stars, have something more then hi.

  • Put a subject
  • Have more then one word
  • Please no text format
  • No, I will not do romantic readings

If you wish for a oracle/ tarot reading, first of all I want to say thank you to all those who have message me thus far and has given me feedback or advice. I'm very greateful for it. Readings are still opened.

  • I don't do romantic readings
  • Have a subject bar
  • Have a question in mind