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Name: Dragonearth
Location: Sitting out the front, watching the birds dances and attempting to reach a goal
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 21 May 2019
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I was a Hufflepuff before it was cool.

Birth tree: Hornbeam

Celtic animal: Hawk/ Falcon
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

Practice: I'm in a winter phrase, researching differently topics, looking into folklore. I've said it before I'm horrible at mediation, seem to have a lack of commit. Thus I don't do much practice. Outside tarot reading and shielding. If you come to me with questions, don't expect me to answer than all. Go to people with far more experience, and have a good day.

About me: People say I'm immediately, quite frankly if magpies sing near my shoulders and lizards climb on my fingers by will. Than, I don't know what their talking about, nor do I practically care.

I've been on and off this site, for a couple of years, but seemed to have made a stay here. I still have trouble with mediation, so I highly doubt I'd be able to do a astral projection any time soon, not that I'm interested in it anyway. I'm more trying to find balance with my charkas a little bit more, been spending far too much time in the clouds and need to come back down to earth, where Mother Nature is calling my name to come home.

Seem to be able to work with law of attraction, pretty well and now if only I can think of something that can bring good in my life, and others around me. Yeah, I will admit I've been feeding the wrong wolf, in fact I'm sure the whole family have, but I'm willing to be brave to pat the right wolf instead. I rather hang out with the trees, and the animals more so than the people in the street.

We can be pretty messy, pretty messed up, and yeah sometimes we fight along over who took Matty stuffed toy, in first year. Our counties can't get along, and keep fighting over how the other side has a bigger sand boxes, or who's gender is better, or colour, or how Sophia got two X boxes and won't share. But when the tough happens, we get together and form one big band, playing superhero, and actually spending time with one another to talk about silly matters. Like how cute that puppy is, or how awesome apple pie happens to be, or how that shiny stuff is so pretty.

And maybe, I've spent too long in the clouds, or watching the sparrows dance in the birds bath, but I believe we can get along together. Sure, I might not go on with everything you have to say, and you might not like what I have to say. But I dream of a world where we can, where Sophia will actually share that other X box, or where we can play a two player games instead and can both yell at the Tv, for the game cheat move.

If you haven't already, put out a bird bath and watch the birds. See the birds that you reckon are going away, and I can grantee that they will show up at your door steps. Plants some trees, if you haven't, maybe a fruit one, or some pretty little purple flowers, or sun flowers to bring in the birds. Pick up that rubies you left behind. No bin? Put it in your pocket, and throw it in the bin when you get home.

What happens if there's to much wide life out side your house? Now that you have trees growing and those water bowels. Be creative, don't be like me and jump into fear, put your Giffyffindor clothes on and brace the challenge with some creative. You do know trees, can take over the world if they wanted to? If they hadn't done it, yet, than follow their ways.

Work with them, and sit on their branches, or hide in there leaves and play ninja, for a change. Sure there's ants, and maybe a spider, oaky there's one scary looking bird over there, but there's cute ducks near that pond. If Sophia can share that other game control, and had given away that second X box, to a kid whose family can't buy gifts like those. Than you can get along with your other brothers and sisters as well, you might be like me for a little while. Who still doesn't like spiders, but we can both admit that their pretty cool. And maybe, I'll admit I'm jealous how they get eight legs.

Point is. Let's just get along, call it impossible, crazy even, but all good ideas start of with a dream.

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. Kistune

. Fae

Kuan yin

. Guides

. Tarot

. dragons

. Angles