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Name: Dragonearth
Location: I'm sitting under a tree. It's quite cool here, if only it wouldn't rain so many leaves
Gender: Female
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I will help anyway I can, but I'm going to be honest. I've only research topics, and haven't practice in any spell work. Will unless you count mediation as spell work. I'm also really proud of myself at the moment, this is the first time since I've found this site. That I'm still visiting it, and actually looking at what they have to offer. It's pretty big for me, since I've stumbled onto it twice.

First time I went. Oh this is a thing, second time I went. Eh ...it's alright, and third time. Will ... I'm here and trying my best to learn something new.

I come from a family who believes in science. Where my mother believes, that we are the only being here, and where my father believes. If something happened out of the ordinary, than there is a scientific reason behind it. Then there's me, who's very scepticalat the best of times, but not blind when it comes to seeing things that I can't explain. Accept it, acknowledged it, and move on with my life.

If there's something negative. Than I'll probably panic, go into denial, before doing everything in my power to remove it. So far nothing of this sort has happened to me, just let. I'm very blessed for it as well.

About me: I do my best not to harm a animal, or bug. However, I'm still scared of cockroaches, and massive spiders. Then again, I'm more likely to run, scream, and stay outside the front. Than kill it. Leaving that bug, wondering what had just happened. I'm honest. If you want a answer, from me, than be ready to expect that I'm going to honest, and hash. Please note that I don't mean it, and I do often times, asking for your forgiveness, if I upset you.

I wouldn't say that I'm shy, nor am I outgoing. I tend to talk to people, but if I don't have to. Than I'll probably do everything in my power, to think of a really lame excuse. I'm also a want to be writer, who has a tendency to burn toast.

You've probably notice by now. Weather it's a personal message from me, a message from my form, or even saying thank you. I do not write short response, and really not the best for one sided conversation.

I mainly study beings from other realm. Since I find it fascinating.

Things I do:


Things I love to study:

Animal Guides
Dragon magic
Tree spirits
Kitsune (I think I spelt that wrong)


Moon phases

Goddess I'm researching

Kurn Yin


Australia magpie

Favouritemythological animal


Birth tree: Hornbeam
Celtic animal: Hawk/ Falcon
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Element: Fire

I was a Hufflepuff before it was cool.