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Name: Dragonearth
Location: Under a tree, dancing around her leaves
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 22 Aug 2019
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Love is the greatest form of respect. If you are desperately sneaking it out, than maybe there is something missing in you, if you do not feel whole. Than something needs to be healed. -me

Disclaimer: You know it's a sad day in the world. When somebody needs to write this on their profile because people think she is a role player. I am not a role player, I am here to learn about my path and study what I chose. I take my path seriously, just because I mention dragons and Angels doesn't mean I'm here in La, la, la world.

Topics I study: mythology, Celtic mythology, spirt work, crystals, charkas, Japanese mythology, protection, the basics, and my own family tree.

I'm a newbie tarot reader and open to those who wish to have their own reading. However, please follow the guidelines below when coming to me for a reading.

  • I don't do romantic readings
  • Have a question in mind
  • Tell me what you want from my reading
  • I don't do closed questions

Yeah I know, simple, but a lot of people seem to like playing a guessing game with me when it comes to card readings. I do not want to waste my time, asking questions from people who do not know, what they want. Yes, I can be hash, but at the same time I come from a place of love and light. I will not sugar coat things for you.

Please respect the following guidelines, before messaging me.

  • Have a subject bar
  • This isn't a dating site
  • I don't do role playing

I hang around animals more so than people, a word of the wise pick up after yourself. I'll do the same on my half as will.