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Name: Dragonearth
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Grandmother, mother, sister, Aunt. Grandmother Earth has taught me many things, to stay grounded and enjoy the simple things. Grandmother Earth has taught me so many things that my list would be endless like the river. She taught me how to deal with bullies to stand up for myself, not to be a doormat but strong in my own right. She taught me pain is a teacher even though it's hash and sometimes feeling ready to snap like her twigs underneath my foot.

With just a call she reaches out to me and the rushing waves answer reaching out to my feet to make it known they hear. The animals are her messages and they are my teachers. The trees are my friends whom only knows love and not judgment. Be open to the teaching of Grandmother Earth, respect and care for her to understand the chaos and the madness can be turned into something beautiful. For nothing is perfect because everything is changing, everything is turning and becoming something better.

Grandmother Earth has taught me many things. She washed away my tears and laughed alongside my joy, she listened to my rage and content with my peace. She tends to throw stuff around whenever I don't listen and no matter what I say or what I do, I find myself returning to the one that I have always known was there.

Grandmother, mother, sister, Aunt. Mother Earth I answer your call and here I stand. -by Dragonearth

I'm also looking for long term beta readers that are willing to read my young adult fantasy novel. It's a fairly rough draft at the moment, but I'm not aiming for spelling or grammar just yet. Mainly just seeing how the story flows.

Magical practices: I'm fairly new to my path and mainly work with angels and the occasional God or two, I tend to also work with Kitsune of Inair. Sometimes tree spirits and crystals. I don't really have a set path to follow a set ritual or spelling casting, but I do seem to find myself healing the land. After all we live on the land we walk on. Treat it with great respect because the land watches the land sees all. I started my path because I used to sneak out water for the birds in my area. Everything else sort of just clicked in afterwards.