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Name: avianprince
Birthday: Jun 10 2000
Location: wisconsin
Gender: Male
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hello, my name is avian.

i'm not too old, but i've been practicing magick for almost six years now.

I am a guy, gay, and have a loving partner. please don't send me any flirtatious messages.

I practice primarily jewish magick, draconic magick, air magick, divination, as well as energy work and spirit work. I am a freelance witch, i do what i please.

Please do not ask me to cast spells for you. I do occasionally do free tarot readings if i'm up for it. Please keep in mind I am mentally ill and do have days where I struggle to do much of anything.


Chakra test results:

Root:under-active (-44%)

Sacral:open (31%)

Navel:under-active (-31%)

Heart:under-active (6%)

Throat:open (19%)

Third Eye:over-active (81%)

Crown:open (19%)