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Good Day! My name is Matthew Barber, and I am a new user to magic, I honestly have no idea what I am doing, therefore I am looking for a teacher who can help me learn. I mainly want to learn the Elements but I am looking for other things as well. If you message me, and I don't reply quickly, sorry, I just don't get on this website as much as I should. I am looking for a teacher so if you're a teacher message me, I don't care what you teach though, either elements or summoning, or etc. I wan to learn as much as possible. But if you know of a legit "immortal" spell I would appreciate if ya taught me, that way I can learn as much as possible and teach others what I have learned. I am a "hands on" type of learner, visual is alright but I need to see it done, and then do it myself. Preferably on camera, that way you can tell me if I do something wrong or etc. Types wanting to learn: Elemental Magic Money/luck magic Life Magic Black/ White Magic I am also open to learning others as well. Thanks for reading, Matthew Barber