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Name: StarryGalaxy
Birthday: Dec 6 1995
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Greetings my name is StarryGalaxy, this of course is not my real name which I will not share but, if you must call me something, Call me Star, Cat or Bast. I had a profile on here before. I am a twenty something Year old female who lives in a small rural town in Pennsylvania. It is a place where almost everyone knows everyone. I follow the Goddess Bast. I learned that magick isn't like what's seen on T.V and in Movies. It isn't as easy as uttering words and suddenly you cast a spell. No, it's much more than that! It is years of learning and years of finding the proper path that calls to you. Just because you've watched Harry Potter or some T.V show, doesn't mean all of a sudden you can do magick. wanna know why? Because that magic is just special effects and editing on the screens. Real magick is nothing like that, it's far more complex and there's more to it. By coming on this site and claiming your some strong and powerful person who knows everything about magick, you mock those of us who have actually studied and learned and developed our potential through true connections. There are many beliefs. There are many different paths. It all starts with learning and finding what calls to you. What calls to your very being. I would like to thank some people on this site who have helped me through alot Zebrah or Zebs NordStar or Nord, Personified, MommaHearts, Lark, ArtinDark, Caoineg, AcidDrop, PhoenixGrave, Hatsv, OroLeo and so many more Thank you all for helping me I don't Roleplay I am not looking for a relationship so go away if that's what you're going to ask me I will not cast a spell for you I will not tolerate any inappropriate messages of any kind. You will be reported to a mod I will not tolerate fluffiness of any kind