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Name: MissNimzC
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I've always had a desire to connect with people and the world at large, growing up in the foster care system, and for the longest time it was my biggest fear to be alone, and I ended up with a lot of bad souls, who almost destroyed me. Then one day I was overrun with a desire not for connection, but rather for deepness in other's, and using my experience of pain, to gently help the close ones around me, I was able to connect to Magick, though, I do lean towards water and earth-based spells, and practices at, home, I am a very open-minded person, who's very creative. I've always felt through my entire life like I've had someone always looking out for my best outcome, It's not until a year ago that I realized how blessed I've truly been. I do often dream of the past/future, though I don't control it just yet. I use the strong emotions in my heart in all the things