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Name: Chantwo
Location: Tennessee
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I have a hard time putting labels on myself. I feel like it limits myself if I say I am this or that when I feel limitless. So I tend to just say I am highly intuitive when in actually I am much more. I have a growth that is a speed train. I wish I understood all but I don't. I am trying. I am here to learn more. To grow. I am a Certified NAHA Aromatherapist, A I am a Reiki Master. I am in Training to be a Kundalini Yaga Instructor but my heart is in the therapy work I do. I have been studying for a year now. My abilities were not found by me but by another. I just thought I was a good guesser. I am working with the divine ands I have three beautiful guides. I have seen my past lives. When I say I am on a speed train I mean it. I thirst for knowledge and how to do all that is available for the people I help. I have never been in a coven.