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Name: Kuarehime
Location: in a Dream
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I'm not sure what to believe in right now...

To those who think I am a traitor... I am only cursed to have lost your love. Every word I spoke to you was truth. I was one of the three founding members, but you believed me a spy... I was spying for you once, if you don't remember, but I never dared to betray you. You were my friends-- my family--my life. My top priorities with life are honesty and loyalty. To have questioned both is to have rendered me as nothing. Know that I will never return to you as family, for to be cut this deep is to sever that tie... but I am available as a friend if you ever want me to be.

I'm not doing much with magic at the moment, but I'm always open to talk about it if you would like. Please don't worry so much about the message above unless you know that it's meant for you. I'm mostly over what happened, but I just wanted to make my position clear. I'm not great with small talk, so if you're wanting to chat, please put what you want to say in your message (meaning don't just say "hi")-- don't be afraid to send me longer messages.