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Name: Kayeke1
Birthday: Sep 4 1995
Location: Zambia,kitwe
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Hi my name is kayeke am a 24 aged man currently residing in southern africa,and am a researcher in the science of occultism am also a witch.i believe witchcraft is a continue path of learning because mother nature holds abundance of secrets and knowledge which only a truly commited witch/magician will discover however the path of knowledge for a witch has no limit.despite being a practitioner of witchcraft or wicca for many years i must confess that am ever learning new things every day.i also believe i am capable of teaching other people especially those new to this path about this science of magick and other occult sciences (as i have learnt and proven from many teachers) without any charges because i believe in so doing am doing service to humanity but i keep certain things secret such as the GODDESS AND GOD i serve some things can not be taught they can only be learnt by oneself.am also an open minded individual i welcome and respect other views and people,sharing and learning are my core elements....