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Hello and greetings my fellow practitioners, I am a 23 year old witch who had been practicing magic for as long a as I can remember. I love to read and write, and make new friends, and I also love pushing the boundaries of previously established rules and mindsets, so please ask any question you want. Some areas of magic I have had experience in are as follows:
  1. Animism:
    1. My definition of this term is the belief and experiences that I have had which reflect that every energy out there can in some way, shape or form be connected to animal energy, and thus any magic that is designed to affect an animal will, and in my walk of the path has, affected the being in question. For example, say someone is being a pest, or "bugging you" in other words acting like a bug, then spells and magic that is designed to deter bugs will in extension deter the person in question.
  2. Chaos Magic:
    1. My definition of this term is the process of taking ideas for magic from unconventional places, such as
      1. Fast Food Magic: Some examples of fast food magic are:
        1. Using fries from a fast food restaurant in a line or a circle as salt
        2. Using burgers from fast food restaurants as a protective wall, with the idea that if lava can't destroy it, negative energy won't either
      2. HTML Programming Magic
        1. One way I use HTML programming in my path is, say for example, I wanted to protect my home, I would then go and take a picture of my home and use HTML programming to create a table with the picture as the background, and in each cell of the table I would fill it with symbols or sayings or stuff that holds protective energy to me personally, with the idea and mindset that as long as the table and symbols are in place my house is protected in the ways I choose.
      3. Soda Magic
        1. One way I use soda magic is by associating Earth energy with mountain dew, or if I need a boost of energy I simply would drink Voltage mountain dew, or say I needed to add a bit of sun to the spell, then orange soda will be added.
      4. Divination
      5. Pop Culture Magic
      6. Shamanism
      7. Sigil Work
      8. Transfiguration
      As well as a few others, I am always happy to make new friends so please message me even to say hi. Thank you all and blessed be.