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Name: paris1234
Birthday: Jul 20 2004
Location: amelia
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i love cats. i have someone wonderful in my life and i love him to death. he is my whole world and i cant picture life without him. i have some bff delaney gabby emery harliegh ava and jakayla. i love me and who i am. i love the colors pink and blue cause it reminds me of cotton candy. i have a cat named lovealot and a fish named dory. i love to bake. i love my boyfriend more than anything in the world. i love unicorns and dragons. i want to be a fairy and a vampire. i love instagram it is like my life. you can follow me @paris_ozmore i love everyone and everything. I have always felt like I was different than other kids and that is mainly because I am different from other kids I don't have the interest most girls my age have.