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Name: gogoghoul
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Location: Sonoran Desert
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Hi there! I am a 30+ year old quirky and queer eclectic witch with a long held interest in magick and the mysteries of the universe. Current studies include: the Norse pantheon and (*non-racist*) heathenry, tarot, runes, candle magick, herbalism, kitchen witchery, chaos magick, etc. Those are just a few of my many interests as I have a strong desire to learn the ins and outs of just about everything! I am open to making new friends but please approach me with some sort of shared interest or topic in mind. *Hey whats up* messages bore just about everyone. Use that noggin of yours! I am also a council member of a really amazing coven (The Dark and Light) that supports each other and promotes growth and knowledge acquisition. Feel free to message me if you have questions or interest in joining our happy family.