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Name: Dezra579
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Hi. Welcome to my profile. My name is Dezra. Daughter of many. If you wish to know more message me. fav color: Black Fav animal: Wolf Aura: Black A is for Amber who drowned in a pool B is for Billy who was eaten by ghouls C is for Curt with disease of the brain D is for Daniel derailed on a train E is for Erik who was buried alive F is for Frank who was stabbed through the eye G is for Greg who died in the womb H is for Heather who was sealed in a tomb I is for Isaac who lost his front brakes J is for Johnny who was bitten by snakes K is for Kimmy who was shot in the head L is for Larry who bled and bled M is for Marie who was burnt to a crisp N is for Nick who was pummeled by fists O is for Olive who lived life too fast P is for Pat who swallowed some glass Q is for Quentin who took the wrong trail R is for Reyna who rotted in jail S is for Steve who was shot with a bow T is for Tori who froze in the snow U is for Urich who was trampled by hooves V is for Vanessa who fell off a roof W is for Will who was hit by a car X is for Xavier who sunk in the tar Y is for Yessy who fell from a plane Z is for Zack who simply went insane