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Name: Mrs.RedHood
Birthday: Feb 12 2002
Location: The evacuated city of Gotham
Gender: Female
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My weird view of what magick does to the soul

Spiritual Darwinism. I believe that everyone has the power to be a "god". That is why i think we are here. To evolve or to die out. Survival of the fittest. Those who do nothing with their lives spiritually, will fade, regardless of how much money they have. Eventually, people become the gods/deities they used to worship. Those help guide the next few generations and as they get older, new people evolve and rise too. That happens with everything else, why wouldn't that apply to us? There are always new spirits. New demons. New angels. Gods. Spirits. That list is constantly growing, right? Eventually, if we are constantly getting stronger with every spell cast... Wouldn't that make us the new demons and angels and gods? Just that we spiritually evolved to that point?

About me

Huge gamer. Love to play Gta5, Guildwars 2, Dc universe online, C.o.d Black Ops 2, Diablo 3 (Level 70 Demonhunter), Life is Strange, and more. I do cosplays as well.

I am a sucker for sappy romantic comments and john cena memes (weird, i know but what can you do?) I like to pull my food out of the microwave 1 second before the timer runs out. Makes me feel like im disarming a bomb.

Was previously Priestess of the SoM coven The Legion of Light and Dark

I have pre-emptively blocked you, it's because I think you're fluff, or I accidentally hurt myself looking at how edgy your profile is

Relationship status: Single. Why does it matter?