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Name: xShayOta
Birthday: Jan 1 2003
Location: Morocco
Gender: Female
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Personal Bio

Name : Soraya

Age : 19

Favorite color : Blue

Capricorn sun , Sagittarius moon and Aquarius rising.

I enjoy : Playing games, Skateboarding, Collecting random things, dancing, Casting spells...(I just love doing a lot of things haha).

I love meeting new people and talk with everybody about anything, Just don't be mean.

I'm still learning in Magick, but this is what I am currently practicing or looking forward to practice:

*Meditation,Energy grounding.... (basics)



*Spirit guides/Animals

*Crystal Magick

*Dream Magick (Astral projection, Lucid dreaming..)

*Faerie Magick

*Candle Magick

*Divination (runes, tasseomancy, pendulum)

*Herbal Magick

*Sigil Magick

*Kitchen Magick (rarely)

- I'll add more in time...

Feel free to message me ;) I would love to make new friends and learn more. but not looking forward to date anyone (this is not tinder people).