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Hey :) I'm 19 **Call me Q please I don't like people asking my real name cuz most of the times I find it waste of time** So basically I ASSUME that I know enough about the two oldest mythologies that are Greek and Hindu (yeah I know I didn't mention "Norse mythology" cuz it's not ) So let me know if you wanna know about any of these I'd be happy to help ^_^ I've spent the last 2 and a half years meditating every single day for a reasonable time and so I've experienced almost every difficulty with meditation at least once. I've never been interested in fancy spells (like making someone fall in love and stuffs or ware wolves or vampires) but I've practiced some rituals relating Astral projection and more that are of practical use (like stopping nightmares) I also use some ancient magic tricks known in my family every now and then to make life easier XD Sooo that's it for now! Have a nice day Also I have a girlfriend and I love her ***if your asking me questions then I'll read your bio first and if I don't find any proof that your interested in the information then ill simply won't reply since there are people who just make things up to waste others' time ***