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Name: HealerBear
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Merry Meet and Welcome Traveler, my name is Bear
I am an Eclectic witch ( A witch whole pulls different traditions, beliefs, and practices from other religions/works to create an individualized form of witchcraft that suits them). I work closely with the Goddess Cerridwenn, the God Cernonous, the fae, the elementals, and the chakras. My views run along a form of solitary green path with bits of hedge/cottage, elemental, and garden magic woven in. Even with having my main God & Goddess i still believe in Mother Nature and a few of the core beliefs that is rooted in Wicca ( The creation Story, 3-fold rule, God & Goddess, the sabbats, as well as reincarnation ).
**** These are MY beliefs, you do not need to accept them, you do not need to believe them, BUT you DO need to RESPECT them*****
I have been practicing/studying for about 6 years, when i was taken off course. My totem brought me back, and i am looking forward to re-gaining my beliefs and re-opening my spirituality.
As far as knowledge goes... I do have it in several different areas, so my door is always open if you need a lending ear, however i will not spoon feed you information and i dont teach. If you have any further questions or want to talk, send me a message.
)O( Blessed Be