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My story starts out the day they said she can't be found i was looking for a while but I found her under a tree with a sword drivin into her heart and she was to the point of death she told me her last words and made a promise that wasn't kept and now I've been trapped here for 16 years a battle took place in my portal and I got knocked out of my portal brutally with a gash in my soul 125,345,657 of my followers either died or got injured I was the Lord of death and shadows I have gotten betrayed and my scythe that I once wielded got stripped from me and the shadows are no longer binded with me and my power has been sealed deep inside of me waiting to be unleashed where I can get my revenge I no longer can harvest souls and create unimaginable power with out my scythe and I can't create a new one with out the shadows none of this is isn't a lie this is urgently serious and I'm in need of service who ever will help me out will witness what ultimate and true power is if you were one of my followers please contact me immediately and I'll inform you what the next move is and what we need to do and further more if you wish to help it would be worth the effort because once I start harvesting souls again I can start back with my work and create unimaginable power and abilities The void is pulling me back in to the state of madness I'm sorry for my people that have died I should've seen it sooner I have let everyone down and I shouldn't of left my people will not die in vein I will avenge their death at any costs