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Name: abcdef
Birthday: Jul 15 2002
Location: everywhere
Gender: Male
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hi my name is abcdef and i am a physic. i do tarot and oracle readings. i was born with the power to see the past and the future am 15. i would love to make friends. just don't be rude that's is not nice. i have been studying black magic ever sent i was born. my brother's account is dharper.
sprutial name: alpha
element: fire

root charka:100%crascal charka: 40%
solar plexus:50%
heart charka: 100%
throat charka:50%
thrid eye charka: 0%
crown charka: 2%
i need help on some of this so can you plaz give some spells or tell me something to help me open them. I am also a healer. I also grant wishes. I HATE A EMETPY MAIL BOX. i was also born as a wolf.