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Name: MissMisfit
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Hello there my name is Kat and i have been a solitary eclectic witch since i was 16. all that i have learned has been from research and books and since there is not a lot of people who are like me where i am from i have just kept to myself. A few years ago now i was in a horrible relationship that made me stop practicing my craft, since then i have gotten rid of that looser and have started to become myself again. I am in a way reinventing myself and i would like to tweak my craft as well. back in the day i would only work with candles and gemstones. now with what i have learned over the years i am looking to broaden my ideals and learn as much as i can from any part of the craft. I also have only worked alone and i am looking for friends and like minded witches to share my ideas and learn from so if you would like add me as a friend send me a message and i will try to get back to you. * I do not give out any of my other social medias at all so if you would like to talk to me send me a message on here please. Thanks a little bit more about me, I am a natural red head I am also a certified mechanic. I am into all sorts of music mostly rock and country. my friends tell me that i am the definition of a tom boy. I am straight but i am also taken. I am a libra and an air sign. I also am very blunt i dont beat around the bush or anything like that. i say whats on my mind even if sometimes that gets me in trouble. I am currently studying Norse paganism working more with herbs mirror scrying practical kitchen witchcraft and trying to astral travel again