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Name: LadyAbyss
Birthday: Jan 25 1991
Location: Hell
Gender: Female
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Its been years since I've returned and I can't help but wonder why? Sins etched in flesh-names forgotten in the endless winds-ravaged bodies litter these streets-filth penetrates essences of the last things to kill. Darkness fades from light, balances shattered now-glass spread over the soil, stitched shut we cannot feel anymore-false illusions of emotion and love, roam the endless graves for a taste of hope. Dead eyes breathe over us-feeding the endless hunger we have-crumbling civilizations rise to corrupt the past-dense motion holds us against the falling pillars of the world above, dying angels burn up inside us-choking back the putrid smoke that we breathe, water burns the stomachs-breeding the lies we love. Evil is us-no realization, violent anguish consumes the pure-pressure aches within the bones separating from the ground. Collapse the foul prayers of the lifeless bodies eaten away-flesh sold to the highest bidder, pray for your own existence now-freedom is not available. Original horror roam sin the minds of the gifted-fire burns black what was once light-exist to suffer-godlessness is fear to be apart of the end, apocalyptic emotions explode the night, clouds grey the eyes of the blind-excuses muttered in pits of death-masked realities, false truths plaster our walls-end of death is the death of life. Hands clamped, pray for what will never come-destruction fills our world-ending of what has been and will be-desolate minds crumble now, everything is gone yet it lies in front of us-eaten away to be apart of what cannot see, broken bones scream out from the shattered facilities that line the isolated streets that we were born unto. Scattered bones lay waste in what was once the place of worship, terrorized in the mind by the sleaze that oozes behind the government walls-corrupting the weak while controlling the strong-nothing will ever make sense anymore, fused together with the parts you despise-created for the total, died for the whole, deceitful truthsayers roam our now dead streets, pumping the anger fuelled hatred into us, staring into the barrel of the gun as it fires, tears sustain the life forces of the weary feeding on the empty hearts of those that lay in the streets dead. Sacrifice your brains for the TV, the thing that controls and distorts what is outside, complications fuse with the truth to manufacture the lies we believe, the belief is true for what is truth without the lies that have created it? Minds explode with the gifts that burn within, flames cleanse the pure and worthless, everybody is the same-respect and respond-in and out functions envelope us-follow orders given directly into the brain- chase the answers into the pits of your own personal hell, obsolete factions pump through the veins of everyone-the blood is pure, the taste bitter, the flow enters and dissipates and now is the tainted slime we live on. They manipulate from behind their walls of self righteous candy coated realities, worshipping a false idol that condemns anyone who does not abide to their rules-screaming at the meek and the ones who live only to hide their skeletons behind pity and terror. Falsifying god to punish those who do not conform to their artificially sweetened truths and to corrupt the young to destroy their own families with the fears they push onto their minds to crush those who do not give in. sins fill their minds and they do not live-their free will is destroyed-eaten away by the lies spat out from the pain fuelled preachers. Break the bonds that hold you to their fraudulent ways, corruption of the cross has stolen the free will of truth?. The pain etched in stone, temptation bleeds into the wounds of the failed youths. This world is a big joke to us now, and everything is a fad to us now, the knife cuts smoothly to the bone, the hangman's noose is their new necklace-the darkness follows us in the shadows-watching till it overcomes us-why does everything seem so perfect when everything is so rotten? The knife is the new god and the gas the air they want to breathe, everything succumbing to the new fads. Revolving around what they think is bad, and what they think is false for they are the new sheep, the new wave. Lifelines destroyed as they follow the next one. Broken veins pulse out at us, as we squint to see the sun, we burn but the feeling calms the faithless. Overdose is the diet of them now, the pills swallowed on quantity, taken to feed what they feel the need asks for next-as it begs for the things that we hate-the fad overcomes what was and used to be, it is the now. Cannot underestimate the becoming of the end, life is just a statistic now, the life is taken, broken down to be apart of the list that overflows now, the new fad takes the hand of the grim reaper to feed the river Styx with the choked fashion stars. The outcast are taken, are not to be, they are the same, identical now-stolen identities form our world now, sheep of the same roam over and all fall for the new fad. Youth tortured by the figmentations of the minds eye-encasing me in this world of nightmares I feed from now-assume the worst to bleed forth the whims of a faithless soul-judgement trampled down upon me etching scripture into my open flesh, forcing the guilt further down my throat. Exhale the breathless air as I gasp for what I see but can never reach-verbal torments ache in my head ripping out the nerves I once helped onto, tripping me down the hills that grow larger in the rear view of life. Swallowed the pills that manipulate the environment I created, fading the imagery and tainting the love that was once felt. Past eats away at me, cannot break out of this malevolence induced nightmarish existence-technological manifestations rule now, breeding in the wounds I have opened up, control breathes through me-lacking the hallucinations that hold everything together, nothing comes right when the fire cleanses within, breathe in the fire and see the feverish images that torment my mind. Written to ease the pain, darkness will never leave this place-to understand is to die, death is the deal given to us all-I can feel the burning inside from the ice that has formed in my veins-cold blood flows easily through the emotionless corpse. Body rotted away into the end of times that rest on the hands of the keepers. X'ed from this plane of continuation of the hate that we excrete, I feed on what is given out, the anger flows into the streets like wild fire, escaping from the pits of us that we fear to enter, flowing into my shell of a body-worlds end and no one will listen, used body left on the dying floor-bleeding the core dies from within, armour destroyed with the reaction to the acid flowing in the body. I scream to the skies for the guidance they offer, rain pours down, burning the flesh, bloody streaks run down my face as I hold up high-escape the reality that haunts us, no hiding but finding the thing that watches in the shadows, following, roll the dice to show the future, gambles on the lives we have sold to become what we want-I cannot sell what I don't have-feelings torn years ago, bleeding through gashes that wont heal-the conclusion is written away from the horrendous life that has been forced upon me, I laugh to see and kill to become.