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Name: Lilychild
Birthday: Sep 15 1999
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Personal Bio If you want your story to be heard come to me. I'm talking about every supernatural experience. Even the far fetched ones. I want to hear about it. I am planning on developing a YouTube channel called Supernatural world Investigation Inc which I will be sitting down in a interview with people that need help with supernatural stuff or with people that needs their story to be heard and perhaps connect the dots to whatever they are experiencing. You never know if others may be experiencing the same thing or looking for something. Well I am here to help. If you want to talk mail me. These interviews would be via Skype or any other social media to talk to people. Identity can be remain hidden by choice and everything will be at a neutral stand point what is being said. In my first year of college. Don't jugde because I'm young. If you want to join my discord account and it is not working message me and I will send a direct link. In my discord server i accept pretty much anyone so don't be shy to join and check it out! Here are some facts about me: I have a lot of natural abilities I can't control I am a really kind person I am interested in pretty much anything I enjoy music writing drawing conversation so please message me so I don't get bored Apparently my orange chakra is out of wack but everything else is good and my root chakra is really strong Some of my abilities include: empathy, seeing auras, energy manipulation, visions, prophetic dreams. Server dejavu....haha and others. So yeah. My discord server is the link above. This is a application for people who want their stories told on video