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Name: AmethystLeaf
Birthday: Sep 27 2003
Location: South Florida
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Hiya! my name is charlie, i am fifteen years old, and i am fairly new to the world of witchcraft/wicca. I am a high school freshman who is involved in MUN and orchestra. I play the violin as a main instrument, but i can also play the ukulele,oboe, and the cello. I am learning how to play the bass guitar and the piano. Apart from actually performing music, i also enjoy listening to music such as tool, the deftones, david bowie, my chemical romance, etc.
notice: please don't send me any suggestive messages... i've made it very clear that i am a minor and i am not interested in creepo's talking to me. but apart from that, i'd love to engage in a freindly conversation/debate :-)