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Name: redlab
Birthday: Aug 17 2001
Location: half korean/half norwegian living in norwayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 02 Jul 2022
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warning: i am currently away so i wont respont to messages
hello my name is redlab while ago i was had i account here but due to personal reasons i left this website. so yeah, i am back.
here is some info: loves to talk with people, draw, literature,
make music,
play video games,
make new friends,
dungeons and dragons,
i am obsessed with creating stuff,
and i like animals.
when it comes to magic i know a lot and also know little
so if you want to talk about stuff or ask some questions about magic, why not cantact me
i will probably give more info in the future
and for magic info
i know about mental magic and i am still able to predict the future to my self or those close to me
but its hard to control this power due to the fact that i am doubting my own thoughts.
and i know a little teleportation
i almost forgot i know destruction spells
more info about more stuff i guess
i am a master masks man
i love politics
i love power
my type of skillset would look at me as a battle mage
my aura is mangenta but many says blue
main soul emotion: determination
favorite yokai: kitsune
favorite animal: fox
if you want to ask questions about my philosophy or questions in general, just ask.
i love talking
a long time has passed since my last update
i have learned a lot
a lot about fate
and how to control it
i have learned about some runes and stuff so yeah
and contact me if ya want
i usually create anime, soooooooo that's cool i guess
if you dont find me talkative, it is because i am dealing with something that needs my attention