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Name: Dante_Dios
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Alright here goes:
I hate disclosing my info on web.
I live in somewhere within Asia, in a religious country.
I am currently a novice at magic so I just understand the concept of it but never tried it at will.
I dislike overly religious people.
I am willing to learn anything you have to teach me.
The reasons I am here are as follows:
Some occurances happened to me were way too convenient but almost impossible for a human to accomplish using conventional means.
I see events before they happen, but don't have recollection of it until the event happens. Dejavus are quite common.
Somethings echo in my head which what started to events that led me here actually.
Now I am not gonna go claiming I am some sorta Psychic magical super saiyan but I can't make sense of these. If you have any information please do share.