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Name: xPriestessx
Birthday: Feb 2 1989
Location: Canada - Toronto - Brampton
Gender: Female
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Hello young mages everywhere. I am "Priestess Narcissa", and I will aid you on your journeys I hope, as long as you aid my upon my own. I love Egypt and Paganistic magick. I love Pagans from Rome and Greece and I love Ancient China and Japan. I had a witch's "pit" at 5, making potions, and started practicing solitarily at 13. I started again at 18, and officially at 22. I am now 28, turning 29, and I've been through Magery, Posession, Egyptian Magick, Nature Magick, Pagan Magick, Beast Magick, and Voodoo and Wizardry. I hope you will enjoy my writings and videos; hope to speak to you soon young ones of the craft!!*- I AM A BROWN SOLITARY PAGANESS. My family is from Jamaica England and parts of USA and Asia heritage.I HAVE A COOL NAME. SARAH-ASHTON PAIGE BINGER SCOTT RE-ARRANGE THE WORDS AND LETTERS TO SPELL ''PRIESTESS''!! - YOU CAN SPELL "NARCISSA" TOO!!!. Oh by the way. You can call me Narcissa.