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Name: BiaBrite
Birthday: Nov 6 1984
Location: Miami, FL
Gender: Female
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I'm a mother. I'm a lunatic. I'm a 90s Kid. i'm a 70's Sci Fi Dreamer. I'm a Mid Century Queen. My son is the little prince. And I..... The Warrior Princess. Creative Intelligent Natural Greek Goddess. I love like a supernova. I burn like The sun.... i know about The stars. And yes, i'm originally from Mars. I am Lo-Fi ... and Hi-Five.. ((Cause I've been at this for years!)) Scorpio power ! Life path numerology #3! Have I grown in your thought soil yet? I M P E R F E C T I O N is perfection. I really enjoy great artists such as Alfonse Mucha, William H Waterhouse, Etcher, Salvador Dali, Mark Ryden, etc... Im an indie goddess and my music can be heard here: Yay :)