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Name: LadyofLunar
Birthday: Dec 22
Location: Studying Magick Under The Moonlight
Last Seen: Wed, 10 Nov 2021
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Stuff About Me

I Am LadyofLunar, i am a Witch, i do not do Magick every day, i prefer reading about it/learning about it. I also, am a artist, i love to draw, when i am inspired and i enjoy nighttime, i also love the moon and have always felt a connection to the moon, so i work with luna. I love all things, having to do with Magick, i love crystals and i love making sigils.

Work I Have Done/Occult Stuff I Do

  • I Have Been doing Magick off and on for a couple of years, and have grown more spiritually connected to the moon. Not really keeping track though, of how long i been doing magick, but i say a couple of years or so.
  • I have made Moon Water before
  • I have created sigils before
  • I have read tarot cards to myself
  • I have made some spells, though still learning about that
  • i have learned about meditation
  • i like to watch occult videos and read about the occult
  • i love looking up at the moon.
  • Used a pendlum before

Charka Test

Root: under-active (-44%)
Sacral: open (50%)
Navel: open (50%)
Heart: under-active (0%)
Throat: open (38%)
Third Eye: under-active (6%)
Crown: under-active (-6%