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Name: LadyofLunar
Birthday: Dec 22
Location: Studying Magick Under The Moonlight
Last Seen: Tue, 23 Apr 2019
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Personal Bio

Magical Name: Luna Nightshade/Luna Night

My Study:

I Study All Types of Magick to The Lighter Side of It And The Darker Side of It.

Flowers I Feel is Me: Moon Flowers, Roses Crystals

I Love: Moonstone, amethyst. I Love to Stay up at Night, So.. i am Kinda a Night Owl.

God/Goddess: My Goddess is Luna, The Mother of the Moon. I Have No God. I Only, Really Work with Luna.

I am a Self-Taught Witch. I Prefer to Work Alone.

I Think myself, more of a Sorceress then a Witch.

Things I Work With: Herbs,Crystals. Anything, really...

Tools I Use: Wand,Athame. I Would really use Any tool, for my Magickal Workings.

My Study: A Couple of Months

Magicakl Workings: Off and On (Making Small Spells)

My Chakra's -

Root:under-active (-31%)

Sacral:open (44%)

Navel:open (19%)

Heart:under-active (-6%)

Throat:open (62%)

Third Eye:under-active (0%)

Crown:open (31%)