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Name: Baelfire
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Hello all!

You can call me Baelfire .

(or whatever you choose, I don't place much importance on how one's called, so I don't mind calling me any other name)

My personal journey began some many years ago.

  • I started with the school of Chaos . I've studied the principles, practiced the beliefs, I've grouped with others of the same school, we shared knowledge and experience, so on and so forth.
  • Five years after I wanted to expand my definition of the world and of all the living energies that populate it. I delved into mythology, religions, some old texts , continuing my journey in the ways of the Spiritual school .
  • Five more years after I started learning the Mental school . In that particular period I had the chance to meet many who had just began their journeys and, as I was a part of a community where my experience was of some value , I had the oportunity to share all I'd learned and learn all I'd missed.
  • Ten more years after and it's pretty much today when I do not consider myself following any particular school( while I stiil acknowledge my beginings ) but rather follow my personal experience and feels. You may say that I'm sort of " eclectic ".

I am here, on this website, to continue my journey through meeting new people of the craft, expanding my knowledge by sharing experience, and that must be it.