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Name: Engwald
Location: USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Aug 2018
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Greetings from Engwald to all who visit here. Blessed be everyone that has found peace in their faith. I am here to study and learn from others in the pagan community. Hopefully, I can contribute some things useful to others along the way. I am a solitary practitioner of Germanic/Norse Odinism. I live in Texas with my girlfriend and a rather large German shepherd. All three of us speak different languages so it can be really fun to communicate sometimes. We all enjoy the outdoors and support each other in our particular paths. The dog tends to snack on the offerings sometimes but I think that the Gods forgive because it is his path. We are just starting out here on this site. There will be more to come as time progresses. Feel free to ask if you want to know anything. I enjoy conversing with others.